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The face of MTC. From booking appointments to ensuring everyone knows what to do, she's keeping everything in order.  When Tori isn't working, she can usually be found in a thrift store, or at home engaging in what her preteen daughter refers to as, "activities of the elderly". AKA, crocheting, knitting, and doing puzzles surrounded by her 2 cats and 2 dogs.



Karissa has been a registered massage therapist since June of 2017. Prior to that she worked full time for one year as a student, and has been working with the team here since 2018. Karissa's goal is to elevate the well being of each of her clients by providing effective, personalized treatments, and to send people away feeling better and more relaxed than when they came in. She finds the most rewarding part of her job to be when clients return and express that they experience less pain and more mobility overall with regular treatments. Karissa enjoys being able to offer a range of modalities to her clients, with Indian head massage being a client favorite.



Michelle graduated in 2023 with Honors with Distinction.  She approaches massage with an open-mind and a trauma-informed lens, recognizing the importance of the mind-body connection. Michelle has additional training and an understanding of trauma and the impact on the mind and body.  "I absolutely love seeing first-hand how massage can treat such a huge variety of client concerns, ranging from pain and discomfort, all the way to stress reduction, tension relief, and treating particular musculoskeletal diagnoses. In my leisure time I enjoy hiking, eating charcuterie, and volunteering at schools and group homes with my registered Therapy Dog."  - Michelle



Wasana graduated from ACMT as of 2023, but has the intuition and hands of someone who has been an RMT for many years. Already trained in Thai and Jade stone massage, she is now working towards certification for cupping therapies. In 2011, Wasana moved to Grande Prairie from Thailand and has always worked in industries where she has helped people; including being a volunteer at PARDS and working 12 years for Alberta Health. She is ecstatic about her capability to relieve pain and promote relaxation as a RMT and is passionate about her growth and journey as a massage therapist. Outside of work, she loves to spend her free time with her family going camping, hiking and traveling!

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Graduating from ACMT in 2023 with top marks, Charlee is a valuable addition here at MTC. She puts great effort into gaining more knowledge to better assist her clients in their health and wellness journey. Outside of work, Charlee enjoys spending time with her friends and family, along with taking her dog hiking or camping. Charlee will soon be adding cupping to her list of modalities as well!



Hailey is one of the OG therapists who had been in our clinic for many years. Her regular clients have missed her very much as she took a short mat leave to have this precious, little, baby girl. Specializing in reflexology and trained in many other modalities, Hailey has the skills AND the experience to help you feel your best!



Joining us recently this year, Jayna is excited to be a part of the clinic. She gets a thrill when learning even more in-depth knowledge about human body anatomy, techniques and modalities. Being invested in clients concerns and creating treatment plans that works best for them is something that brings Jayna great satisfaction. “ It’s always a remarkable feeling when you visibly see improvement of movement and quality of life from clients after treatments.” Outside of the clinic, her dog Max demands most of her attention. She is eager to add some modalities soon!



Bailey is a recent graduate from the Alberta College of Massage Therapy, 2023. She is passionate about helping clients, providing pain and tension relief and promoting healing. She is currently able to offer relaxation or therapeutic massage and plans to add cupping and hot stone therapy to her list of services soon. Outside of work she loves spending time with her husband, two children and her two dogs.

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Erin became a registered massage therapist in February, 2024. She is also a certified reiki master and a yoga instructor. Erin has always had a passion for connection, healing, and health. She believes in the body’s ability to heal itself and knows that sometimes we need support. Erin enjoys massage therapy as a modality to support relaxation and decrease physical tension and pain. She is always interested in learning and looks forward to continuing her personal growth as a massage therapist. When Erin is not at work, she enjoys quality time with her kiddos, dogs, friends and family. She also enjoys yoga, meditation, walking and being outside!



A recent graduate of the Spa Massage Practitioner Program at ACMT, JesseAnne is the newest addition to our team of professionals. Massage continues to surprise and amaze her with the spectacular effect it has on our everyday aches, pains, and even posture. She offers a Swedish massage to those of our clients looking to add an hour of peace and relaxation to their day before she goes back to ACMT to become a fully-fledged RMT. When JesseAnne isn't massaging, she's at home letting her creative juices flow, playing the piano and writing her novels with an ever-present mug of hot tea. ☕️



Nicole has been a registered massage therapist for over 8 years. With dedication to her practice she cares for client's needs with clear presence and practical skill. Whether you require pure relaxation, deep therapeutic work on long term injuries, post-operative recovery, prenatal treatments, or a reprieve from stress, she is able to accommodate you along your healing journey. Nicole has additional training in myofascial cupping, advanced therapeutic massage, manual lymphatic drainage, acupressure, trigger point therapy and reiki. When she isn't spending her days helping clients at the clinic you'll find her out on the trails or headed on a mountain adventure.



Born and raised in Edson, Alberta, Carmen moved up to Grande Prairie in 2011 to pursue a career as a welder. After two years of working in the trade, she explored a variety of other careers until she settled on obtaining her massage therapy diploma in 2015. Founding Raining Relief Massage out of a room in a gym, she continued to develop it into a larger company in Richmond Industrial park. Years later, in June of 2023, Carmen moved on to create Massage Therapy Collective with her new partner Nicole Deck to provide a professional massage therapy clinic that Grande Prairie can be proud of.

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